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Isekai Maou to Shoukan Dorei Majutsu Episode 11: B is for Biscuit!

Not impressed by the Biscuit Song.

B is for Biscuit, and T is for biscuiT. What, a song, the Biscuit Song! Seems like Diablo’s nagging feeling about Alicia was right all along. After bringing Klem into the city for biscuits, Alicia lures Rem and Klem away from Diablo and Shera to reveal her true colors. Turns out she herself is a Demon Lord Worshipper. She hands Rem and Klem over to Saddler while she pretends that they are Demon Lord Worshippers that she apprehended. Gotta say I’m pretty pissed at Alicia now.

The face of pervert.

Kidnapped and given to Saddler, Rem and Klem start to chat with each other. Rem contemplates why she doesn’t hate Klem even though Klem’s existence made Rem’s family go through so much suffering, never being free. Then she realizes Klem is just like her, always sealed all alone with no freedom and knows she can’t hate her. Rem has Klem promise not to kill any mortal races and just be the biscuit-loving loli she is. After their conversation, Saddler brings them to an empty church where he’s going to torture Rem for being a “Demon Lord Worshipper”.

Yes, yes he did.

Diablo and Shera split up to search for Rem and Klem. Diablo decides to ask Emile and Sylvie for help but doesn’t know how to properly communicate it to them. He’s torn as he doesn’t have the right conversation skills to help and he knows acting like he does won’t allow him get their help. Luckily, a child saw Rem and Klem being taken away and informs Diablo and thanks him. Emile and Sylvie are gobsmacked that Diablo actually said “Thanks”. Well, looks like he’s making some progress with talking like a normal person. Not wanting to miss out, they decide to help after Diablo leaves.

Where’s an Isekai Maou when you need one?

I have to admit, the next scene with Rem was not what I thought would happen. I thought Diablo would make it in time before Saddler, with his Gold complex, would lay a hand on her. Wanting Klem to keep her promise, Rem gets in the way of Saddler and is slashed in the back in the process. Devastated, Klem watches as Rem gets four swords buried in her back. Now, I’m really pissed at Saddler and Alicia at this point.

Letting her anger take control, Klem turns into her true Demon Lord form. Saddler believes she can’t doing anything because he’s God. And I have to say that I’m so satisfied when Krebskulm practically destroys Saddler’s eyes and realizes he’s not God. Diablo and Shera find their location, Diablo foes to hold back Krebskulm while Shera goes to try to get Rem away from the brink of death.

This episode really got me angry. It was kind of cute when Klem and Shera were singing the Biscuit song and Rem meekly joining in. I’m happy that Rem sees Klem as a friend rather than a killer Demon Lord now. What really grinds my gears is Saddler and his God complex. I was really hoping Diablo would save Rem in time, but I was sad to even see her ear get cut a little. Hopefully Saddler doesn’t exist anymor¬†thanks to¬†Krebskulm, hopefully, Diablo is still overpowered enough to take her on and I really hope that Shera is able to save Rem. With next week being the last episode, I’m excited to see how this anime will end since I actually enjoyed it.

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